Accrue Real Estate Helps Gold Coast Investors Invest in Queensland Property

Are you are in the property market on the Gold Coast or Queensland for vacant land, a unit, apartment, townhouse or a suburban house?


Location, location, location is the catch phrase we always hear. People want to get the best possible deal and obtain the best possible capital gain potential.

Accrue Real Estate is lending a hand to local Gold Coast investors to help the choose the right location right here in sunny Queensland.

Most of us already realize that price alone doesn’t determine if a property is good value or not. An  old farm house out west, miles from the nearest town, might have a low price tag, but its probably not a good property to buy if you are looking for capital appreciation.

When buying locally, it pays to obtain expert advice from people who know the property industry in the Gold Coast and surrounding areas. Obtaining advice about property from an expert is an important step in the real estate education process. And more recently, buyer’s agents are being used by investors and potential home owners to assist in finding the property in the best locations around the Gold Coast.

“Buyer’s agents will often have their favorite suburbs for investors and often a second list of options for home seekers” says Jeannie from Cloud 9 Bookkeeping on the Gold Coast. Her business provides accounting and book keeping services to a number buyers agents and professional investors.

If you are looking for real estate without the right advice you have a big job to gather all the right information together about every property that you have on your target list. Property professionals make it their job to gather that information for you.

So, why not get in touch with a property expert to save time, get access to new projects, and learn about the best properties here in sunny Queensland?.

Property valuers consider a huge range of factors about a property when they are asked to provide a valuation. Just some of the things that they consider are:

  • Land value
  • Value of the improvements
  • Condition of the improvements
  • Relative scarcity of the property type
  • Proximity to schools
  • Availability of public transport
  • Nearby recreation facilities
  • The quality of the neighborhood in subjective terms like crime rates, socioeconomic standing and ratio of private to public housing.
  • Shopping facilities
  • Planned and future good and bad developments in the area like new buildings or roads
  • Recent sale prices
  • Demand for property in the area
  • Historical price value growth of the area down to particular streets in a suburb.

When buying real estate there is a lot to consider. Expert property advisers will charge for their time and to share their insight into the property market, however, the cost will be a wise investment in securing a deal that will bring pride when you share the news with friends and family. On the other hand, in years to come you will not want to find out that in the next street over prices are higher because of some factor that you did not consider when you thought about “location”.

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