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Floor Coatings Gold Coast bring great looks and value to your home or business.

Stronger / Flexible / Longer Lasting / Environmentally Friendly / No Annual Sealing Requirement
Quicker installation (usually 1 day) / Foot traffic in 4–8 hours / Slip Resistant & UV Stable
Will outperform and outlast ALL the alternatives .. So Better Value.

iCoat flooring for your home;
iCOAT offers domestic customers a full range of internal and external coatings in various styles that will add real value to your property and last:
Internal Floors
Garage Floors
Pool Decks
Wet Areas

iCoat flooring for your commercial premises;
iCOAT offers commercial customers high strength, high solids, high performance commercial coatings in many styles with un-matched return to service:
Commercial Kitchens
Retail and Restaurant Trading Floors
Chemical Plant and Process Industry
Food & Beverage Facility Floors
Health/Medical/Pharmaceutical Floors
Automotive Industry Floors
OHS Flooring Systems

iCoat flooring for industrial application;
iCOAT offers industrial customers chemical resistant low & high build coatings that are flexible, impact resistant, slip resistant with long life performance:
Workshop Floors
Factory Floors
Warehouse Floors
Mining / Oil / Gas Industry Coatings
Refinery and Port Operation Coatings
Chemical Containment Coatings
Internal & External OSH Surface

Restore tired old concrete or timber floors with iCoat floor coatings. iCoat is the worlds most advanced durable longest lasting no maintenance floor coating. If you are considering epoxy think twice contact us on 0487 999 930 to find out more about our floor coatings.

We supply and install to residential, commercial and industrial jobs.

Contact us today to discuss coulors textures and stles you will be blown away how good your floors can look.

Forget old epoxy use iCoat it last is priced right and lasts on home floors, around pools, restaurants, shopping centres, factories and more.

Call iCoat today 0487 999 930.

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    iCoat provide superior floor coatings to homes and business across the Gold Coast. Choose iCoat over epoxy flooring every time.

    August 21, 2014 at 11:06 pm Log in to reply.

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