Welcome to Gold Coast Info Link: Gold Coast Public and Community Services directory page.

The Gold Coast’s invaluable community services and not for profit associations provide vital public services to care and support local residents and businesses on the Gold Coast. If you are elderly and need assistance, or are browsing for a support group or looking for a community centre or service in your area, Gold Coast Infolink has everything you need.

Gold Coast Info Link Community services also provide a comprehensive range of businesses and customer complaints services. These include the complaints mediation services, business mediation services, IT dispute mediation, website dispute mediation, website moderation, web designer accreditation, SEO dispute mediation and much more.

Don’t let your voice go unheard or your rights be walked on! Gold Coast community and public services and associations are here to stand up for your rights and public fairness. If you are looking for community help, would like to make a customer complaint or want to give back to your community with public volunteer programs you can find all you need in the Gold Coast Info Link categories listed below.

0432 390 043

St Hilda's, 6 court venue, Southport, Whitby Street , Queensland, 4215

8:30 AM - 4:00 PM